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Yeoman Janice Rand

Janice Rand
6 July 1976
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Janice Rand

Star Trek Verses

FULL NAME: Janice Rand
CANON: Star Trek XI
POSITION: Captain's Yeoman
MARITAL STATUS: Single in most verses

Profiles for Star Trek Verses and rubycity_rp can be found HERE.

Non-Trek Verses

The basics are the same except instead of joining Starfleet, she either goes to college and works as the personal assistant for the very demanding and flirtatious Jim Kirk or works as a comic book artist. She's still the same scarily efficient person, just the techy toys she uses to keep things running smoothly have been downgraded significantly.

The teenage version of Jan is eighteen unless otherwise stated. She's a geeky, artistic girl who has a tendency to ramble too much and a has serious caffeine addiction.

Janice is played in mirror verse with the journal iss_girl_friday, as a teen here at sf_girl_friday, and rule 63 with the journal jeremy_rand


out of character

NAME: Selina
AIM: sfgirlfriday
DISCAIMER:: This journal is not connected to Star Trek, its copyright holders, or A.J. Cook. Both Muse and Mun are over the age of 18.
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